The occupation of building surveyors is a relatively new profession. It came about in 1970 in the United Kingdom and is now used worldwide. Building surveyors assist contractors in all aspects of the construction process. From the design stage on up to the actual completed project.

They ensure that all specifications baugutachter are up to local and federal codes and that the structure itself will not disrupt any already in place utility lines or pipes. They also utilize clients whom include government entities, construction businesses and individuals who are building their own home or building.

This can be a lucrative occupation with the proper training. Most states stipulate that to obtain any building surveyor qualification, the applicant must obtain a bachelor’s or associates degree in surveying before obtaining employment in the building surveying field.

In the United States, building surveyors hourly wage ranges from $17 an hour up to $28 an hour, with bonuses between $1000 and $8000 a year, this brings the annual wage range to $39000 to $71,000 per year. Along with the above average pay scale, there is also overtime pay available as well that will bump most wages up significantly, therefore; the annual pay could be substantially more than the estimated amount. Even when the overtime is not calculated, the average annual salary is far above the national average for most industries, however; there is extensive training involved to become an accredited building surveyor.

First, the prospective building surveyor must find the school which fits their needs. There are employers and states who state in order to meet the minimum requirements for the building surveyor qualification, applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree while others will simply want a two year associate’s degree.

The type of degree the student pursues depends on the amount of time they want to put into school and the living they want to achieve after graduating from that college. Whichever degree the student decides to pursue, there are specific requirements that each student must accomplish before obtaining a degree in surveying. They must be qualified in the geographic information systems or GIS, they must have a mathematical mind since trigonometry is required with either degree, they must have an eye for the physical sciences and they must be a good team player.