The truth about directory submission services and Google SEO is that while they may help in the short-term, as Google has time to analyze each link and their quality, most of these services will end up hurting your SEO efforts. Google over the last couple of years has begun to put a value on every incoming link to a site, so logic tells us that if the quality of those links to a site, or the topic is not relevant Google will not give added value to the site they point to. What is even worse is that incoming links from sites that are deemed bad, or carry negative points, can also take away points from the site they link to.

These guidelines now make us really be careful in where we create articles or links to our site, as the wrong links can actually have an adverse effect on any SEO efforts undertaken. Be sure to research the website that you will be creating links to your site on, since their standing can affect yours. Best practice in regards to this is to create juicy articles that point to your website, like on EzineArticles or other reputable article database websites. Try to only use sites that have some human checking of the articles as spelling and other similar factors can also have an effect on your SEO efforts.

Most important of all, don’t try to take shortcuts. Hiring a third party directory submission service will undoubtedly have a negative effect on what you are trying to accomplish as most of these services only submit to directories that allow automatic submissions, and this is something that can quickly get you in trouble. So our advice is to stay away from directory submission services and do the work yourself, you will be able to control where and how your links are created.