Most people take keyword research for granted before beginning search engine optimization. Keyword research speaks to the task of finding out what people are searching for and how it relates to your product, service or web site. This is the most important part of any search engine optimization strategy. Without keyword research you may end up with the best search engine optimized web site, and rank number 1 for a term that only gets 10 searches a month. Picking the right, gradual keyword strategy can provide you with short term results while building your website ranking for larger volume keywords.

Google provides a free keyword research tool that allows you to search what and how many people are searching for on their website, and with Google’s increasing dominance in the search business, knowing those numbers is increasingly more important. Simply search on Google for keyword tool and you will find it. They also offer suggested keywords that may help you in sorting what will work best to describe you product, idea or service. The right keyword is the basis on which the rest of your Google SEO strategy will be based. Without proper keyword research you might as well be optimizing blind folded.

If your site is new, start small and focused. The best results will come from selecting the right keyword to best describe your product while balancing the volume of that keyword to get you quick results. The basic rule of Google SEO is that in order to achieve top ranking quickly there are some factors to take into account, like the age of your website, and its current ranking. If you have any of the previous 2 items, you can try to pick keyword that has a volume similar to the best ranked keyword result you currently have for your site. So if you are ranked in the top 10 for a keyword that gets a monthly volume of 5,000 searches, then you can begin optimizing for similar volume keywords.

Otherwise, start small, pick a great keyword that best describes your site, but don’t reach too high. Start with volume keywords below 500 monthly searches. This may not seem like a lot but in a couple of months, once you’ve achieved your goal of top 10 Google results, you can change your strategy.

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