SEO for beginners includes people who may previously not have heard about search engine optimization because the earlier seo is understood the less mistakes that will be made in building an online marketing business. You cannot start too early in your internet marketing career.

You might be a beginner at seo but as you are reading this you must have some realization that SEO can affect your future success. The simple fact is that you can build a website that looks great but without seo you are very probably never going to make money online. If you are in marketing to make money then make seo one of the first things you learn to do.

Start by understanding what SEO or search engine optimisation is

Anybody with a website wants people to visit it. They might have a fan club interested in the site’s subject. Or perhaps they want to keep their family and friends up to date with what they are doing. Today, ever more people are using the internet as a method of undertaking business transactions and they want people to visit their sites to make purchases.

Whatever your reason to have a website you really do want visitors. To get visitors you need to make your web pages not just available online but also attractive to your potential audience. And that’s where seo comes in.

SEO can be thought of as best practice for giving the search engines such as Google what they want for people who make search requests. That can all be separated into two categories; the easy stuff and the really complex technical processes.

It takes a lot of time and effort to master the technical processes but if you start with the easy parts then you can master it almost in minutes.

Relevant and unique content

This simply involves making certain the content on your website is relevant and unique. So, what does that mean?

Relevant content in the eyes of Google means keeping the page content in line with the title of your page. For example, if you have a page title about selling ingredients to bake a great cake then make the content about the ingredients and how to work with them. Don’t wander off on to information about cooking utensils. Perhaps make another page for utensils.

Unique content simply means do not copy what somebody else has already written. Your content must be written by you. It must provide value to the visitor. That’s not to say that you cannot re-work information that is already online but your re-working of it must add something different. It might be a new way to use the ingredients. It might be a more understandable explanation or give tips to get even better results.

All over the internet Google finds information that has been copied from elsewhere. Your reward for copying is failure to get your pages ranked by the search engines and without good ranking they will not show up in the searches you are trying to rank for.

Get the easy part of seo correct and you will see an immediate improvement in your page ranking on the search results. Then you will be ready to master the more complex processes that really can increase Google ranking for you.