Google has lifted the veil, a little bit, on the changes set to take place with the implementation of its update on search technology called “Google Caffeine”. The secret project is the next generation for web search which will mostly affect its indexing processes. Caffeine is likely to change search results to an extent and could ultimately lead toward the holy grail of real time search. In total, it will a more powerful version of what Google offers today emphasizing improvements in “…size, indexing speed, accuracy, comprehensiveness, and other dimensions,” according to Google.

Taking a look at each focus area and anticipating the changes in each is, at best, an imprecise venture but here are some thoughts on where they might be headed with the rollout of Caffeine:

1) Size – Caffeine will allow for their spiders to crawl more of everything; sites, pages on the sites, blogs etc.

2) Indexing speed – With fresh content garnering more importance with search engines everyday and the sheer amount of it that hits the web on a minute-to-minute basis, Caffeine will allow for faster indexing of fresh content to keep results up to date with news, articles, and information. What that means for search engine optimized content is that pages will be picked up and rewarded faster than in the past. While it may not provide immediate gratification, the importance of adding consistently fresh content will be even greater as Caffeine rolls out and indexing gets even faster.

3) Accuracy – The parameters for the relevance of keywords and phrases as they fit into the content on web pages will become much tighter. It’s likely that Google’s interest will go far beyond traffic that goes to a site and will give much more weight to what visitors do when they arrive. Visitors that bounce off of sites quickly will provide indications that keywords are not tightly linked to page content. How quick bounces will be “scored” by Caffeine is likely to remain unknown but they won’t help. More than ever, sites will need to be optimized making sure that keywords and content relate to each other to keep visitors on the pages of the site.

4) Comprehensiveness – Going hand in hand with accuracy, Google will continue to rank sites that do a great job in conveying their authority in the niche they cover. Again, the emphasis is on the consistent addition pages with new keyword-relevant content. Google is likely to stick to its wheelhouse of big websites with tons of information that have been around for awhile.