The purpose of this article is to create awareness about growing SEO frauds and this article throws a focus on what exactly we need to follow to not be a victim of this.
If you are a matured webmaster you should be knowing what SEO is. In many of my articles on SEO I have briefed about what SEO is and what are the important factors one should consider to achieve a good search engine rank.

The growing awareness about SEO among the webmasters is an indication that people are now recognizing the importance of the Organic or Natural traffic for their web sites. SEO was being considered as a luxury some time back and was limited only to big and well established sites. With exponential growth in Blogging, SEO is not limited to only big players but even small to medium size bloggers are also getting attracted to the world of search engine optimization.

Due to this tremendous demand from webmasters for SEO services the number of companies providing SEO services has also been increasing. As all of you know that the internet is most vulnerable to frauds many fraudster companies have cropped up who claim that they can assure a top rank for your website in Google search results.

Believe me, no one can assure a top rank in Google for your website.

This I could say very confidently because that is what Google is saying. As per Google it never accepts any money to offer a top rank for any website.

The Google search result pages are the combination of Organic search (which is based on the Keywords) and Paid inclusion (Sponsored Listings).

Google’s help section for Webmasters has rich information about what services are included in any SEO service and also some points of caution to be exercised. It also includes what to look for in any SEO service provider and what data we should ask for before we hire any SEO service provider.

I am sharing this information with all of you as this would help you a lot to take informed decision about hiring any SEO Company.