Google invented Google Penguin algorithm on 24th April, 2012 which aims at pointing out all the websites which are violating the Google Webmaster guidelines and also checks web spam. Many websites have been found that violate the basic rules of quality and continue doing keyword stuffing and producing duplicate text of already existing material. Back linking of poor quality sites with the quality websites, cloaking techniques and stuffing of particular keyword in numerous ways are some of the faults with the help of which Google Penguin updates judge various Search Engine Optimizations (SEOs) and various spam related activities.

The invention of Google Penguin 1.1 has affected less than 0.1 % of the English searches and approximately 3% of Chinese, Arabic and German languages. The SEOs which were violating Google guidelines and are following illegal link building practices are practically banned from the server. It targets only off- page SEO factors which are related to link popularity. The deliberate manipulation and misusage of search engines were increasing day by day, thus the launch of this algorithm enables to point out web spam (also called search engine poisoning). After using this algorithm for the first time, more than 7lakh websites are affected and were ranked low according to their quality value. Those pages which were mistakenly removed were returned back but those which were responsible for violating rules are removed from the online traffic.

Various link building features are affected by Google Penguin update 1.1 which includes poor quality backlinks which were joined with the good quality web pages. Back links were never illegal therefore various web pages used and were following this thing. Thus, it was more than essential for maintaining the optimization of search engines to eliminate such web spam.

Search engine land, an online magazine which is very famous regarding software and new launched practices states that Google Penguin creates no harm to websites which are following and considering all the guidelines of Google Webmaster. Proper feedback of various websites which are claiming that they are mistakenly removed is accepted. Matt Cutts, a senior associate of Google who is specialized in SEO related problems states that this update is mean to produce no such harm to the websites and only reduce the online traffic for those websites which are not following and violating the proper guidelines of the Google. The online business is not much affected by the launch of this algorithm; it only improves the further quality of the browser and search engine result pages. These new updates and upcoming policies are fully white hat which mean no harm to the search engines rather they are trying to improve the search results and only harm black hat SEO practices.