Many people believe that link building strategies are no longer effective in search engine optimization of a website, due to Google Panda update (Panda is the indexing software of Google). However, it is not entirely true as many professional SEO companies still use such strategies and they have been successful in maintaining the rank or position of the websites they work on.

The Google Panda update does not nullify the effect of link building strategies, rather it only reiterates the fact that people should keep a track on the kind of backlinks they create for their sites. Poor quality links will hamper the positioning of a site and so people should refrain from building such links. Please do not be fooled by the success of other sites, which have used unfair SEO strategies and have also got a higher rank through poor backlinks, they will eventually lose their rank or get banned by Google.

Google is using its indexing software, Google Panda, to ban the websites which have used unfair SEO techniques. Thus, websites with low quality links will be banned in the long run. In order to make sure that link building is effective in your optimization efforts, you need to determine the quality of the backlinks that are generated over a period of time.