Search Engine Optimization is very necessary in order to prevent your website from getting lost in the plethora of websites. There are more than 2 billion websites on Internet and any keyword returns a million of search results on Google. So, if you want any traffic to be directed on your website from Google you need to make your website displayed in top search results. Being among the top 10 website searched with your keyword is not an easy task but it is not impossible.

Though search engines like Google do not disclose their algorithms used to filter and rank their search results yet there are some well-known techniques which could help you in ranking your website among the top ranked websites on internet. Some are well approved and natural and some are considered unethical, though both of them are can be effective but it is recommended to resort to natural or ethical Search Engine Optimization.

In order to understand the strategies for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Google lets first try to understand how it searches your website. Apparently, Keywords are the most important. The Spiders of Google scan your websites for keywords and then use it for indexing.

The most important thing is the use of appropriate titles and descriptions known as Meta title and Meta description. Always use relevant title, the title you are using should determine the contents your page. There is usually a character limit for titles (approx. 65 characters with spaces) and description (approx. 155 characters with spaces) so you have to clever in using important keywords in limited space. Try not to be repetitive.

Google also indexes a website based on its heading and text. So try to make a efficient use of keywords in headings and also in text of your content. Note that banner, images and flash media do not account for any indexing by crawlers but using keywords-efficient descriptions for them can be a good idea. People tend to overuse the keywords in their content, It is also known as keyword stuffing or spamming. It is considered illegal and bots or crawlers usually ignore or block a website where they find excessive usage. So you have to be wise and not greedy in use of keywords.

Google also looks for the relevant keyword in your URL, so try to use it in your URL for example, if your website is about transport service, it is good to have a website named

Also, the quality of content on your page matters. The content on your page should be Fresh and original. Copying the content from other will be considered spamming from Google and is likely to be ignored. Google prefers fresh pages with quality content. Also, if you update your content frequently, then you are likely to be noticed and indexed by Google.