Most SEO marketers do not put much emphasis on search engines aside from Google. As they are making full use of the largest search engine in the world, Google SEO campaigns are more likely to bring in more traffic than any other. This directly translates into more potential income from your websites.

Beginners and experienced marketers alike depend on Google SEO campaigns as their bread and butter, but it is not always easy. The site’s search algorithms can never seem to stay still, and websites are constantly being upgraded and downgraded depending on their optimization and promotion. Google, ever diligent, is always on the lookout for possible spam or otherwise useless web content.

Ensuring that your web content is not useless is the easiest way to make sure that Google will not decide that your website is not worth keeping on their search results. This is easy enough: Keep the content on your website informative. An informative article is an article worth keeping, and that is exactly what you need to keep any SEO campaign afloat. Even if you are in a high competition niche, it is possible to beat out the high ranked results if they are of poor quality and your article content is the opposite.

Great content may ensure that Google will always keep you aboard, but it will not always push you to the top results if you are in a high competition niche. This is where website promotion comes in. Google SEO campaigns have two main facets: actual website content and promotional content. While what is actually on your website is the face that both the search engine and potential visitors will pay a large amount of attention to, off-site promotion is an even bigger part to your success.

Submitting content to websites such as article directories puts links to your site in view for all to see — but that’s not all. It also provides links for Google to access and tally towards your overall ranking. The links coming into your site from other sources tells Google that people want to read your content. This directly leads to higher page rankings.

Though Google is always changing their algorithm and how they handle certain bits of information and optimization, there is no denying that something is to be said about “proving” to the search engine giant that your content is worth a read for people searching for something within your niche. This is the basis for any Google SEO campaign that lasts through any large algorithm change.