So your website made it to Page 1 of Google for the target keywords and now you can sit back and count the extra revenue from all those sales. Perhaps it’s not that simple. For example one client already had five keywords on page 1 of Google when they asked for a second opinion. You would think that five keywords ranked on page 1 would mean success. It appears even more impressive when you consider that there were millions of web pages competing on those keywords. Keyword A had more than 89 million pages as competition and keyword E had a whopping 190 million competitive pages.

Of course when we are chasing increased business the key factor is how many people are actually looking for what it is we sell. Quite obvious, I know! Google helps us with the Google Keyword Tool. The tool allows us to input our desired keywords and it tells us how many people are searching each month using that keyword.

Consider again keyword E from our example above, which achieved Rank 10 and 2.24 million searches were conducted monthly for keyword E. Based on this information, we should see this site getting multiple visits and a substantial sales increase. However the rank 10 did not result in a large amount of traffic. In actual fact, the clicks through to the website were less than 100 for all five keywords being optimized for the month being measured.

There are a number of factors that could be the cause of this less than successful result in this search engine optimization campaign and you should be aware of these if you are contemplating your own SEO campaign.

Is the site really achieving those rankings?
Are the global search numbers accurate?
Do searchers scroll down the page or do they just take the first screen view, referred to as; above the fold?
Do searchers only click on the first 3 listings on the page – i.e. the paid listings?
Should you use broad match, phrase match, or exact match when using the Google Keyword Tool?
How much traffic does Google rank 10 get compared to a Google rank 1?
How much of my resources should I invest in SEO?
What results can I expect from Google page 1 rank?
Where on page 1 your webpage is ranked is most important as there have been studies that clearly show that Rank 1 will attract at least 20 times the number of clicks when compared to Rank 10. Do not make your SEO objective “Page one in Google search.” Set yourself a target based on the increased business you expect from your campaign as search engine optimization is not about your ranking, nor is it about the number of clicks to your website; it is about customer conversions!