Do you know that some people spend years trying to appear on the first page of Google for free? More often times than not, these same website owners are taking the wrong course of action, and thus they may never receive any exposure on the first page of Google. Most website owners spend time picking keywords that are too competitive, and do not know how to leverage the proper “high authority” websites in order to increase their search engine rankings.

What if I could tell you that there are 3 methods that you can use to appear on the first page of Google for free in less than a week? It may sound too good to be true, but in this article I am going to reveal three search engine marketing strategies that I have used to get my various websites or blogs listed on the first page of Google free!

1. Choose Long-Tail Keywords. Often times keyword research is the main reason that many people never see the Google page 1 results they desire. Most budding internet marketers and small business owners simply do not have the resources available to compete with online marketing campaigns run by large SEO firms. As a result, it seems to be nearly impossible to rank on the first page of Google for highly competitive keyword phrases. The one essential aspect of keyword research is to find the “long tail” keywords that are relevant to your website or product. These are keyword phrases that are typically 3-7 words, and have less competition than the main keywords in a given niche or market.

For example: Let’s say that you have a blog or website in the weight loss market. Trying to appear on the first page of Google for the term “weight loss” is going to be extremely difficult, if not impossible. You have several factors working against you. I just performed some research using my SEO software, and I found that in order to rank for the term weight loss you would probably need a website that is at least 5 years old, and has at least 100,000 highly relevant backlinks.

This SEO jargon may seem like a foreign language to you, but to put it in simple terms you would need a highly knowledgeable SEO team working for years to accomplish this, and it would probably cost you in excess of $250,000 in SEO consulting and fees. However, when you choose a long tail keyword such as “lose weight before summer vacation” you have a much better change of appearing on the first page of Google for free! When targeting long tail keywords such as this, the SEO game becomes much easier, and much more fun!

2. Leverage the Power of High PR (Page Rank) Article Directories. If you want to appear on the first page of Google for free in a very short period of time, then you should learn to leverage the power of article directories. I personally have several articles that are ranking on the first page of Google for their targeted keyword phrase, and as such I am received hundreds of visitors per month from each article. Do you know why these articles are ranking on the first page of Google for their long-tailed keyword phrases?

These articles rank highly because I have submitted them to high PR (Page Rank) articles directories such as,, and There are literally thousands of article directories out there, but I have found that these three are the only ones that are really worth my time. When you publish an article on a high PR article directory, you will typically get indexed much faster, and you article will be given a much better ranking within the search engines. I have used this method time after time to receive a massive amount of traffic from each article that I write!